Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Goal Zero in health, safety and environment

The health and safety of all employees, contractors, stakeholders and members of the public is at the core of Enirab values. 

Our Corporate policy duly endorsed by the company Directors, 

explicitly states all employees are responsible for protecting the Environment, and looking out for the safety of each other. Our focus on health and safety is a part of all areas of our day-to-day operations.

In addition to our commitment to operational excellence, which prevents incidents from occurring, our team is well-trained in hazard recognition, proper follow-up on corrective actions and addressing emerging trends.

We truly believe Goal Zero is achievable –Zero harm to the Environment, Zero incidents, and we empower every employee to exercise their STOP work authority -If you see something, OWN it, and say something.

Key Health and Safety focus areas:

Some of the guidelines and programs we employ to ensures all SQHSE standards are adhered to includes: